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Jacob and Nate started Atmospheric Productions to reach the same goal, but with very different attributes; which has made a very unique team. Together, they have very strong entrepreneurial skills to ensure the longevity of the business, along with solid foundation values to ensure every customer of Atmospheric Productions feels like they are the only customer.

Producing the best atmosphere for your event, no matter the setting, size, or location, is their #1 goal. Your event isn’t just yours, it's your guests and all the the people and companies working it, and it is our job to make it the best event they have ever attended.

Most DJs advertise their 1 or 2 specialty events, the same type of event multiple times a week, grinding through their JOB. Not here at Atmospheric Productions, we are made for any event with two or more people who want the their venue to be dressed and performed the best. We try to diversify event types from Weddings - Receptions, Birthdays - Celebrations, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs - Sweet 16/18/21, Corporate - Community - Town - City.

Nate Sellers


Nate is a professional Master of Ceremonies based in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is a local actor, model, and music coach with a passion for music and energy. Nate’s successful background in such high-energy environments guarantees his ability to inspire and energize any crowed regardless of setting or demographic.

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Jacob Ingram


Jacob is a successful local business owner with a background in the technology and infrastructure industry. He has been blessed with the opportunity to serve a number of local churches and businesses in their audio and visual needs. Jacob is the one to call to give your event that special atmosphere that will be remembered for years.