Up Lighting

Up Lights

With our ambiant uplighting, you can turn any venue into your dream atmosphere with our full rainbow colored lights.

Spot Lights

Spot Lights

Our spot lights will pull the attention of your guests for a smooth moving event keeping everyone on track.

Glowing DJ Booth

Glow DJ Booth

With our beautiful glowing DJ booth your guests will be astounded with the quality you were able to bring to your event.

Smart Up Lighting

Smart Up Lights

Like our Up Light package, but with the added benefit of changing colors during the event and syncing with music!

Dance Lighting

Dance Lights

Our dance lights are a necessity with 7 color wheel option, strobe lights, lasers, and all of it going to music!

Disco Ball

Disco Ball

These are a great old-school lighting option that'll get people up from their table and on to the dance floor!




With our subs, we can add the low-end to give good vibrations or kick it up and party the building off the foundation!


curated music

Our Emcees are top shelf when it comes to audio research and planning going as far as sit-down planning sessions.

Extra Speaker

Extra Speakers

Some venues may require extra speakers, in which case, we have you covered with more than plenty of speakers ready to go!




Our portable 4K televisions are great for small presentations, slideshows, or short videos for close viewing.



We can give you BIG screen projectors up to 22 feet long and 12 feet tall! With a bright FHD display there are no worries about quality.



This is great as a static wall or floor image to add a real personal touch to any event. Guests love taking pictures in front of them.


Glow Sticks

Foam Glow Sticks

These are a must have for any party that wants to go hard! They additionally make great take-home favors to remember the night.

C02 Blaster

C02 Blasters

Do you want to take your party to a new level? Our C02 CANON BLASTER will for sure do exactly that with its HUGE cool blasts!

Fog Machine

Fog & Haze Machines

We can create light haze to see the light beams in the air, heavy fog for a big party, or clouds on the foor for an amazing experience!